Let's co-create with all life for a thriving world

Welcome to The Park Ecovillage Findhorn Community, in the north of Scotland since 1962.

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 Let's co-create with

all life for a thriving world

Welcome to the Ecovillage Findhorn Community, centred at The Park in the north of Scotland since 1962.

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We’re exploring collaborative ways to live more consciously in harmony with each other, with the Earth, and with all life, seen and unseen.

Starting with ourselves, we’re aiming to co-create a more resilient, sustainable and thriving world.

This website is a gateway into the people, happenings, practices and groups that have been co-creating this community for over 60 years. Right now we are involved in an exciting community buy-out (we're calling it a buy-in) of land and properties currently owned by the Findhorn Foundation. Come and join us!

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With thanks to Gaia Education, here at The Park, for offering their platform for our community site. Thanks also to Mark Richards and Hugo Klip for the main images.